Wood Recycling

Wood recycling is an effective way to cut the cost of waste disposal.

Why not let M McKenzie take away the disposal problem of pallets and waste wood? We can provide a collection service in various sizes of skips, or alternatively you bring your waste wood to our site - from small quantities in a Transit van to the larger quantity in an Artic lorry

Quantity no problem.

M McKenzie has recycled wood on our site at Old Pentland since the 1970’s starting
with very small quantities increasing over the years and today we now recycle approximately
450 tonnes of waste wood per month. This means that we divert approx. 20,000 tonnes of waste wood per year from landfill.

We produce a high quality wood chip of various dimensions, which is used in the production
of chipboard, M.D.F, recycled biomass fuel and recycled animal bedding.